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Vicki is an experienced industrial designer with a focus on color, material and finish design (CMF). Over the years through researching material design and trends, she has developed the design strategy skill through human centered design by understanding the culture and socio-economic shifts that impact design and business.  



Awards & Recognition

715 Quetta Ave, Apt N, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 

Tel: 760-808-5888

I am available for design consultanting in ID, CMF design and Trend. 

My current project is research based on the technology trend projection from 2016 to 2020. Feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to share the vision. 


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In my early product design career, I found passion designing housewares, household products and soft cases and accessories. In 2005, I became the Industrial design lead for the HP Printing Group and developed award winning HP Deskjet and Photosmart printers.  From 2010 - 2016, I shifted my focus at HP from ID to lead the color, material, finish (CMF) design and strategy across all HP Inkjet printing sub-brands. I am please  to see the positive value that CMF design brings to both empower consumers' versatile lifestyles and to maintain brand market value. Summer 2016, I relocated to Silicon Valley with my family and reset my design career. Currently, I am available to discuss new opportunities. 

My design goal is to curate an intimate user experience through product + material design. 

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